Tuesday, October 26

I hang my head in ultimate shame.

I am possibly the worst updater in the history of updaters. I would apologize more, but since no one reads this blog, i figure it is nonessential. I have muchos pictures and stories and videos to share with you, so I will just clump it all together in one "super post" and get it over with. Then hopefully I can return to my average "one post every week or so" habits. So prepare your minds for the following barrage of informational objects.

watch this video. It is the culmination of the dry satirical humour of the 90's fit into one television show. And one character for that matter.
moving on.
Check THESE vanity photos:

yeah, I have way to much time. Sadly, most of the pictures I take are destined for a pixelly facebook death, but these were pretty personal... I had a sudden wave of inspiration after reading a book about the holocaust. I honestly couldn't describe to you how the rollerskates connect to the genocide of the Jewish race in Germany, but somehow, in the convoluted abyss that is my mind, it made sense.
Dont even TRY to understand me. I'm so frickin deep and complicated, you will drown in my wit.
Not even lifeguard David Hasslehoff from the spongebob squarepants movie can swim in my deepness.
(ps. I just autocorrected hasslehoff so that it is now registered word in my computers virutal dictionary)
Now, on to inspiration station:

And thats it for tonight folks! Why, you ask?
Because I'm extremely tired and I still have to do my Japanese homework.

Damn... I'm gonna miss the reruns of Night Court.
Why is life so hard!?