Tuesday, October 26

I hang my head in ultimate shame.

I am possibly the worst updater in the history of updaters. I would apologize more, but since no one reads this blog, i figure it is nonessential. I have muchos pictures and stories and videos to share with you, so I will just clump it all together in one "super post" and get it over with. Then hopefully I can return to my average "one post every week or so" habits. So prepare your minds for the following barrage of informational objects.

watch this video. It is the culmination of the dry satirical humour of the 90's fit into one television show. And one character for that matter.
moving on.
Check THESE vanity photos:

yeah, I have way to much time. Sadly, most of the pictures I take are destined for a pixelly facebook death, but these were pretty personal... I had a sudden wave of inspiration after reading a book about the holocaust. I honestly couldn't describe to you how the rollerskates connect to the genocide of the Jewish race in Germany, but somehow, in the convoluted abyss that is my mind, it made sense.
Dont even TRY to understand me. I'm so frickin deep and complicated, you will drown in my wit.
Not even lifeguard David Hasslehoff from the spongebob squarepants movie can swim in my deepness.
(ps. I just autocorrected hasslehoff so that it is now registered word in my computers virutal dictionary)
Now, on to inspiration station:

And thats it for tonight folks! Why, you ask?
Because I'm extremely tired and I still have to do my Japanese homework.

Damn... I'm gonna miss the reruns of Night Court.
Why is life so hard!?

Tuesday, August 10

so i kinda have truckloads of pictures and info....

As it says in the title i have a CRAPload of interesting blogethworthy stuff to put up! I went to a music festival a week or so ago and it was awesome in the overgrown hippies, shameless dancing, 60's music, ciggarette smoke, tye-dye, dreadlocks kindof way. I had so many amazing experiences and saw so many inspiring things it was truly a once in a lifetime thing blah blah blah
it was awesome

It reminded me of Woodstock and the good ol' days back when hippies where natural in life and the mantra "peace.love.life" wasn't just something used as facebook info boxes of all the 6th grade girls of the world.

So here are a few photos (from the festival) that I took or that were taken of me or others that I think you might enjoy
and then after I will put together a little mood board collagey thing of my inspirations from it.

I got this really nice maxi dress (in the picture above) from Zara and I love it. The length was kindof limiting to my movement, but it was pretty comfortable and definitely fit in with the whole hippie scene. Then a bunch of us jumped into the ocean and went swimming and it got soaked and clung to me like crazy. It has the most interesting pattern though, it's kindof middle eastern or nepalese or something like that.

Here is the moodboard image stream thing that the music festival made me think of

I met one of the official Woodstock photographers from the original Woodstock, and we had a nice chat about what kindof cameras he used and film and stuff. apparently he used endochrome which I found interesting because it's definitely not the most easy medium of film. But he was really interesting and nice and he was talking to me and my friends about how he met jimi hendrix and stuff like that. The whole music festival was just awesome and I can't wait till next year!

I will do another post later about the fashion workshop I was doing for two weeks later. :3


For some reason reading back through this post I feel like I was very unamused or upset or something? hhmmm.... sorry for the odness of this post, I don't know what came over me.
love y'all
(and yes, i did just say y'all)

Monday, August 2


My dear scanners! I have been oh so cruel and neglectful towards you, I could blame it on y lack of iPhone, or my extreme busyness with Shakespeare but in reality I was Just. To. Lazy. I have a new phone now (iphone 4! :D) and so you can expect some new posts coming your way about whatever crazy crap i'll be getting up to!

Bye for now!

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Wednesday, June 30

triangle pants, triangle pants

I have been working super hard this past week and lack of iphone = not very many posts.
): We just made the move from Yawnroot* to Chewhegrin* so I had to spend an entire day packing up all the racks and costumes and various other clutter particles and lugging them into rocco's car. But last night Ali came over and we had an awesome photoshoot, so I will post some of those pics for you now (:

argghh! sorry about the miniscule amount of text and the large amount of photos! I just love them all too much to pick only a few.

I have to go now (iron some shirts, YEAH!), but I will update this post later and/or write another more intellectual one.

Ps. Still working on getting my comic stream off the ground, nothing new yet, but I will keep ya updated.

*names have been messed up purposefully for the sake of privacy.