Wednesday, June 30

triangle pants, triangle pants

I have been working super hard this past week and lack of iphone = not very many posts.
): We just made the move from Yawnroot* to Chewhegrin* so I had to spend an entire day packing up all the racks and costumes and various other clutter particles and lugging them into rocco's car. But last night Ali came over and we had an awesome photoshoot, so I will post some of those pics for you now (:

argghh! sorry about the miniscule amount of text and the large amount of photos! I just love them all too much to pick only a few.

I have to go now (iron some shirts, YEAH!), but I will update this post later and/or write another more intellectual one.

Ps. Still working on getting my comic stream off the ground, nothing new yet, but I will keep ya updated.

*names have been messed up purposefully for the sake of privacy.


Tuesday, June 22

scott pilgrim, you are my new coloured bacon jesus

Ahh yess, this ridiculous "hipster" has finally caught on to the scott pilgrim comics.
a.k.a the most indie and awesome comics ever created by anyone. I heard about them from Lux, and I checked them out on my computer and then, one new totally illegal application that does illegal things, rar. files, limewire, bit torrent, and 6 hours later I had read all of them. At this point the birds started tweeting and I was too amazed and tired to even move my eye muscles towards the clock. It must have been like 5am or something.
At first I was like ehhh.. the cover looks rather testy... hmmm

But I tell no lie when I say that these babies rocked my world.
If you imaginary readers want to read them just e-mail me and I can send you them, it would be rather difficult to download them all in rar. and whatnot. But me being the technicalpiratehackergenius that I am, I did it for you. There are 5 volumes and the sixth is coming out on July 20th!
There is also a movie adaption starring Michael Cera (<3) that is coming out in august.
(click fullscreen, its tiny here)

And to bring this to a fashion related note, the costumes look positivley awesome. Can't wait to see it.

But anyway the comic and Brian's (the writer/artist) story really inspired me. I have kindof just been lazing around and I wont really have much to do during the days since my job is nighttimes so I have decided to start a comic stream thing of my life. I will create a seperate blog and everyday I will post little oneshot cartoons about what happens in my weird-ass life. I don't know where it is going or whether I might try to make an actual story with a plot and everything or just stick with my random life experiences..
It's just a cool fun new thing I want to do so sheck it out if you want! I will keep you updated on when the blog will be up, I already finished several of the comics. (;

Unfortunatley I am going to be able to do less on-the-go posting because I dropped my iPhone into the ocean accidentally. And I dont mean walking along the beacg ocean, I mean in the middle of the sea on a boat ocean. Long story. I have a crappy prepaid samsung replacement phone and I will be eagerly awaitint the purchase/arrival of my new phone (iPhone 4). <3

Al I know is that it's raining out and that makes me happy, especially since it caused shakespeare to close early so I can finally get some sleep early. Although I may wake up with a cold from biking home in the storm...
Rain Storm

Friday, June 18

have some self respect, pigeon

Another 30 rock quote title! There pretty much what I live by...

I come to you in this post to inform you of something rather exciting!

I died a turquoise//teal streak in my hair!

(: YAY :)

It looks so awesome I'm tempted to do my whole head. But I love my red colour so I am reluctant to let it go. I think maybe my next colour will be white blond with some neon colour tips. I kindof love the idea of white hair but it's has a very complicated up-keep.
some white hair photos:

I loved Alice in wonderland! I wonder how they got her hair so white without damaging it a crapload...

I will put up a pic of the new streak as soon as my camera battery charges! (:

Friday, June 11

ahhh i'm so busy!

hey guys sorry for not updating in like forever
but I have been supersupersuper busy with graduating middle school and Shakespeare and whatnot but I will try to be more on schedule in the futuree!

here is an outfit I wore to my mum's birthday dinner. I bought it a few days ago at the mall. I love the lace back except its nearly impossible to wear it with out it looking to "revealing" or not looking good at all. But I wore a bra with lace in the back so it kindof blended in.


I will have a more wordy and talkity post next time!


Saturday, June 5

cordelia likes... pulling out your phone and pretending to talk to someone in awkward situations

Hehe. So yeah.. The title of this post is a "page" that I liked on facebook last night after a series of rather embarrasing circumstances..

It kind of reminded me about what Ali said the other day about how she had all these funny thoughts and things she would have in her head and thought they were really original and then she would see them as a page on facebook. I actually think that might be a page on facebook too...

Well anyway one if those facebook pages (the one that is the title of this post^^) was especially applicable to *yours truly* yesterday. I was standing outside TISCH on broadway yesterday waiting for Lux to come and meet me. While I was there I decided to take done pictures of the rather awesome costumes that were in the window (tisch is an theatre arts uni)

These pictures actually:

And I realized I was getting some really weird stares so I pretended to be talking on my phone. Unfortunatley the first person I could think of to pretend to talk to was Lux.. And guess who showed up at exactly that moment? Yeah..
Believe me when I tell you that no words were needed..


So I did some returns, grabbed a drink, went into the prada store, got lost on the subway and--

Did I just hear (see) myself say (type) prada store?!?

I sure did!

I went into the rather large prada showcase building (it was less of a store than a sculpture)

I'm pretty sure I wasn't allowed to take photos but I used my "whaaaaat? Photographs? Psh! I'm texting someone. With my phone pointed towards your display.... Making a shutter noise"
Tactic and I got a few snaps of the initial display.

Yeah so that's the really cool display they had in the middle of the store, then they had something close to shopping racks on the lower level. It was in some cool minimalist//futuristic style and I took a few sh-naps of some of the peices that I especially loved.

I love the lace detail on this ^
Soo pretty <3

You can't really tell the shape of this in this picture but it was a really cool tank top with insane crystal textures hanging off the bottom. Here is a close up of it:

How awesome is that?!?

Whine whine why is prada so expensiveee

Here are some more:

The above photo is a t-shirt with one of the photos from the prada 2010 spring RTW show. It has been embellihed with crystals (again) thread for hair and a sticky out plastic handbag. I swear to god this my be the godliest graphic t-shirt ever made. Here are some deets shots along with a picture of another one of the runway photo-turned-graphic-tee t-shirts.

Hey guys just a little interuption! This is an unfinished post that I have to publish now because BlogPress is being annoying. I will finish it on my computer when I get home.

And continuation of this post startss:



And next are some pictures I took of some pretty awesome prints I saw

I don't even think a Nikon SLR picture could accurately portray the intensity of the red in the dress above. It was so beautiful I wanted to sheild my eyes.

This bag is a little OTT but I somehow adore it. Here is a close up of the label.

Textures once again!
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