Friday, April 30

oh jeez, i'm hallucinating orange juice

Wow I forgot to post yesterday! Sorry but my day was pretty packed (With Socialization!) which is a rare occurrence for me. (:
So I shall present you with a post now to make up for it.

I think that dresses made out of food wrappers and candy wrappers and commercial items are just awsome. Some kids in the upper school made this dress out of twix wrappers for art night and it was sooo cool. It has been sitting in the cafeteria for days and of course the first time I actually get around to taking a picture of it for the blog it is no longer there. It was very well made though, and on art night they had this model walking around in it who fit in it perfectly. It reminded me of this dress made by Andy Warhol with his famous Campbell Soup panting tiled on it. Apparently in the 60's "disposable dresses" were really in fashion, so Warhol silkscreened some paper dresses with his design. I took a picture of the dress when I went to the "Elements of Style, Fashion and Form" exhibition at the Beinecke in New Haven.

Sorry about the reflection, they had it behind glass. (:

I think this will be a candy themed post! I apologize ahead of time for making you want insanely unreasonable amounts of sugar.

Here are some crappy pictures taken years ago with my mac camera in 6th grade (On Halloween). I will not name the people for the sake of privacy, but we had so much fun and hauled a crapload of candy. Excuse the feral nature of my face, I was very naiive. *shrugs*. I love halloween, ESPECIALLY the costumes.

And yes, I am wearing vanity contacts! I loved those, the had a bunch a white triangle in a star form surrounding my pupil. Unfortunately though, they have shriveled up after years of forgetting to replace the saline. I think I am going to buy some new pairs, except this time I'll probably just get them in normal colours like purple and gray. Oooh yeah, after my I get my Doc Martens, that will be my next babysitting payment. (:

Whoops. Way to get of topic. Hah. So anyway. Candy. Yes, CANDY the stuff that makes the world go 'round.
I had been wanting one of those purse clutch thing mad eout of interwoven candy wrappers for the longest time, but when my dad and I finally found a boutique in the city that sold good ones we discovered that they were way out of our price limit.
I searched online for hours and had pretty much lost all hope. So my dad took me to Barnes and Noble (We in the Diamond Family turn to books in times of stressful emotion) to cheer me up, and you can probably guess what we found! A really cute little makeup case (at least thats what I use it for) made out of candy wrappers!

Again, it's school so I don't have my DSLR with me but I hope this crappy Photobooth picture will suffice.

Excuse my un-attractiveness, the lighting of a study hall room does not do me any favors.

This is my favourite candy in the ENTIRE world. It is an english candy so you can only get it in specialty stores for 10 times the actual price. I just have my Grandma send me over boxes of it (; I think after I finish sewing my floral skirt, I will start a candy wrapper dress using flakes wrappers.


Wednesday, April 28

I learned that from my sims family

I tried to set up a "photo studio" of sorts in my living room, so that I can take some pictures when my friend comes over on Friday. I just basically taped two white sheets to the wall and to the floor and then gathered all the lamps in my house and faced them towards the it. I find it laughable that I was naive enough to think it was that simple. Because then it got really messed up somy brother and I just decided to make a music video. (: We made the music video to the song Major Tom (Coming Home) By the Shiny Toy Guns. Which is a great song btw.
I got on this really cute dress I hadn't been able to make any use out of and Millie took some pics.

Dress is from LF Stores, Shoes are from H&M, MAC eyeliner smudge-pot, Sexy Curves Mascara, and Revlon lipstick

Yes I am in fact aware that photographing a red dress with a red background is not convenient, but I was a little pressed for time.
I love the dress because it reminds me of the english military. It would have gone really well with this sailor hat that my family has, but I couldn't find it! ):
Im pretty sure Alexander Wang did a military themed season once... though it probably was american military and not english military. (whose outfits are arguably cooler)


liz, are you wearing a cup?

Two days ago I was looking through some old jewelry boxes that my mom got when my grandmother passed away. I found all these beautiful vintage pieces and I decided to take some pictures of them for this here blog. (: Hope you enjoyy.

These pictures are of a charm bracelet my mom got when she was born. It has engraving on some of the charms that say Amy, her birthdate ecetera. I love the little torah charm, it has tiny little hebrew inscriptions in it and the teapot actually opens! So cute. I think I am going to have to find a charm bracelet like that. I used to have a juicy one which (although I think juicy is extremely superficial) was so cute. I love the charms they have for them.

I remember when they were "all the rage" in 6th grade. Everybody had one and we would all try to out "charm" each-other. I think there is only one girl left now in 8th that actually still has hers. I will try and get her to let me take a picture of it with my iphone so I can post it for you guys, she has some really cool charms.

I love the pearl necklace with the clasp shaped like a dragon. It is the coolest thing, it's got rubies for it's eyes. I think it must have been my grandmother's because I never see my mom wearing it.

Oh and by the way, in case you were wondering about the title of this post, it is a HIGHlariourious quote from a recent episode of 30 rock.

30 rock= Love


Tuesday, April 27

on dad dressing and 50's men

Yesterday I was randomly inspired to dress like a working man from the 50's, after I saw my friend Ali weating her dad's oversize sweater. I have always loved oversize sweaters, but it really hard to find a good one since nobody wants to make GIANT baggy clothing all the time, because the girls who like to wear skin tight tank tops that show their belly button (the majority of the girl population) will never buy them. So naturally, the only viable solution was to raid my big ol' papa's closet and wear one of his sweaters. I spent like an hour in his closet trying on various sweaters until I found the perfect one. I paired it with these costume glasses I got from party city, some oxfords from LF, some brownish knee high socks, and a school skirt and voila! I had myself a dress code friendly, dad sweater, 50's business man style outfit! (;

Apologies for the crap photos, I had to take them using photobooth because I'm at school and I don't have my camera with me.
Also since you couldn't really see the full outfit clearly in the photobooth quality, I had to take several, of each element of the outfit.

I just love dressing in the weird ways I do, but when your as fashionably "aware" as we bloggers (well I can't really refer to myself as part of the "bloggers" hemisphere yet without feeling like a poser) and general cool people are, you get a lot of criticism.
It's like a constant flow of shocked looks, appalled stares and "Why are you wearing that??" questions.
Like today in my french class, this kid was like "Why are you wearing such weird clothing?" I'm just like, Come ON man, it's a goddamn oversize sweater not a pure gold scuba diving suit or something (although that would be pretty awesome if it were possible). Usually when people say things like that I just ignore them, or I say something like, Why not?

I think I will write a post of comebacks to say when someone questions your fashion sense. I hope that when I write it it will be helpful to you awesome people out there who dress how they want, no matter how weird.


Monday, April 26

just some eye candy for your nightime snack (:

hello comrades!
I said I would post some pikx for you to contemplate, and here they are:

This is an illustration I did while I was in the city. It was inspired by watching the movie "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" and the idea of the powerful, feminine, working girl.

PSHH yeah right. I quess now when I think of it it reminds me of that, but when I drew it the words that were going through my head were more similar to;
"dudddddeeeee what if someone made like a reallyyy long skirt out of floral fabric that was tightish at the top??? That would be awsomeee."

haha I don't actually think in skater talk. At least I totally hope so, man.
*clears throat*
I mean, at least I hope so.

Anyway the other photo:

Just a little picture I took a while ago while I was with my friend. It is a close-up of her very awesome perfume sample collection. I love perfume samples. They are so cute and tiny and miniature and CUTEEE. Oh and the smell good.
most of the time.

Hope you enjoyed!

ps. sorry about the crappyness of the illustration, I had to take a photo of it using my camera since I am dysfunctional when it comes to scanners. hopefully I shall learn and so then all the drawings and magazine clips I put on here in the future will be of better quality.

lookbook/general assumptions about this blog

I have been browsing lookbook for the past couple weeks, and I am really enjoying what I see there. The photos are all very high quality and the outfits are tremendous. Not to mention all the people are gorgeous. I don't think I have seen one photo so far that looks like it took less than at least 30 minutes to plan out. I guess its the "photo twitter for the fashionably minded" because all the people on there seem to have this amazing sense of individuality and style. Unfortunately, me being the only humble, all-by-my-self, blog reading, fashion website stalking, outfit drooling person that lives in a 20 mile radius, I have no one to invite me. I would look up an invite code or something like that but I feel like if i do that its cheating... you know like if i wasn't invited then its not really fair for me to be there since I didn't really deserve it. (or maybe i'm just a wuss (: )
So I had to "apply'. To be honest I think that lookbook is even MORE exclusive than they let on. I mean, they must really handpick the people they want on there if all the photos are as beautiful as they are. There is not one crappy, cellphone camera picture of an aberzombie or some pathetic person who only wears juicy track suits.
I love this look by model Lina T. The hair and make up go so well with the outfit and background. Not to mention shes like gorgeousss.

So I guess the only thing left to do is wait and hope they will e-mail me. *fingers crossed*

ALRIGHT the second thing.
I have been contemplating the (three) posts I have made so far, and I realized that I need to clarify somethings. I also realize I have like zero readers or followers or whatever, so i'm essentially writing to myself, but I guess I'll just put my thoughts out there and people will come?? I mean I do this blog for my enjoyment, and to help me articulate my thoughts in type, like a diary of sorts. yeah. I digress.
I realized that fashion bloggers have to be pretty adamant about not being ultra personal in there posts and ALWAYS posting about fashion, which unfortunatley with my attention span will be next to impossible. I don't really want to invent these posts about fashion that don't really inspire me. SO I have decided that this shall be a blog about many things, though mainly focusing on fashion. It will be about photography, street style, art, beauty, fashion and fashion illustration. Like somedays I might post a photo I took for the purpose of being a cool photo and not nessecarily a fashion photo. Or I might post some of my fashion illustrations. You know, I mean essentially this is a fashion blog since that stuff is all fashion related, but it is more of a fashion culture blog. Not much of a change but I just wanted to clarify.

On a side-note,
What happened to Tavi? I was like super de duper sad when I tried to get on her blog and it said like "blog suspended, or under investigation for violation of rules" I would have thought tavi would have been the last person in the blogging world to accidentally violate a rule... *tears* I think we all agree when I say that we eagerly await her return. (:

I may do another post later this evening of a few of my illustrations or something just to add some cool photos up in here since I know I only had one this post.


Sunday, April 25

sofas are the invention of god.

So, the other day I was looking through a PAPER magazine I had bought at Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago, and I saw this gorgeous picture;

and I was like hollllyyy frenchh toasstt this looks, SO similar to these photos I took of my friend when we were in her house.

(Wearing: Vintage Michael Kors top, her own skirt, and eye glitter)

I guess I have just always been attracted to these gorgeous, old style sofas (or couches) with beautiful fabric with all these really intricate designs on them. I always get so jealous when I go to my friend's house and see their really beautiful furniture and then go back to my house and see this big poo coloured blob that is our couch.

I mean, there is just something about intricate sofas that can give this antiquey, vintage feeling to any photograph. I think its some whole new level of mixing beautiful fabrics with comfortability, and a symbol that represents home. I think for my next photoshoot I will have to find somewhere with an old timey couch.

This photo by Dominique Isserman (from the January 2010 issue of Vogue Paris) reminds me so much of Versialles.

I remember when I went there everything was adorned with intricate designs in gold leaf, and these crazy awesome fabrics covered all the furniture.

Hmm.. I wonder if I took some sofa fabric and made it into a dress...
that may be really really awesome if I ever get around to doing it. I will most definitley let you guys know.

And that wraps up this post
sorry that it was extraneously boring (:

Saturday, April 24

pink cadillacs and princess dresses

A few weeks ago my Dad asked me if I wanted to help man the make-up station at the father daughter ball. Our library hosts a father daughter ball every year, and it is always princess themed, and these adorable kids ages 1-9 come in the cute little dresses. My dad dragged me to it last year (I was 13), not realizing the age range... but I loved how all the helpers were wearing these beautiful rented costumes from the 1800's, renaissance, medieval times and whatnot.

So anyway this year I was asked to help do make-up for the little girls (there was a make-up station as one of the activities). I got really overexcited, as I always do, and rented this gorgeous vintage Gunne Sax dress. It is modeled after Southern Belle style, with light colours, lace, and general accentuation of femininity. (This is the same kind-of theme that comes to mind when I look at the Ralph Lauren dress from his 2010 spring collection above)
I put a hoop under it because I've wanted to wear one since I saw Pocahontas 2 when I was like 4 (I think I actually made a squealish noise when I found it). It looked awesome so after excessive puppy dog eyes, and chore bribing my mom agreed to rent it to. Then we went to this new restaurant next door to the costume place and I had possibly the best french toast in the universe. IT WAS GODLY. It deserves to have an entire religion built around it. (Or at least an underwater restaurant where sponges work and hide a super secret recipe)
Anyway, I digress.
I actually had to leave the hoop behind (but not before taking some tres cool photos) because I had this moment of logical thinking where I was like; Hmm... This hoop is rather large, I may knock small children over and swallow them in my dress if I wear this around...

I've never really been a big jewellery person but I have definetly gotten more into necklaces latley. The other day I was in the city with my Grandmum and we went into Macys (you know the hugeee-asss one across from forever 21) I think it's a block big or something.
So anywayy, I found this really really superawesomecool necklace that reminded me so much of alice in wonderland:
I've been wearing it with practically everything, It actually tells the time so its pretty useful. Now if I get stuck in a really awkward situation I can just look at it and yell "Im late, I'm late, for a very important date!" and hop away.
Of course, when I got to the ball all the other make-up girls where in all black casual clothes with aprons. I was embarrassed, but I was quickly made to feel better when a flock of five year olds grabbed at my dress fringe, and started yelling "Look Daddy, It's Alice! It's Alice in Wonderland!!"
I guess I actually did look like alice in wonderland, except the red hair. I was actually thinking it would have been convenient if I left my hair blonde until after the ball... but whats done is done (;
This Mary-Kay rep who lived in the area donated all the make-up and it was really weird, because she basically had like a million these tiny sheets of paper with a tinsy bit of eyeshadow on them. I guess its about germs or something, but I thought it was ridiculous. She probably just wanted to save all the actual make-up so she could sell it and get that pink Cadillac.

I still find pink cars for middle aged women very amusing. Not that there's anything wrong with pink. There is this mother who has a kid in the upper school at my school, and she has this pink convertible mini with a vanity license plate that says "Lolli" on it. I always find that so amusing, and even more so the look that her son's face gets whenever he see's her pulling up is priceless. But then I again I don't expect anything less from the preppy, Westport, private school moms that troll the Nordstroms and Saks of the world. (not that theres anything wrong with Nordstroms and Saks)

Friday, April 23

Why, Hello There

It is so difficult to start these sorts of things. I would love to just start talking about fashion and beauty and whatnot, but you strangers out there probably don't know anything about me.
My name is Cordelia Diamond, I am 14 years old, and on this merry day I decided (During StudyHall) to start this blog. (: I wasn't as abrupt a decision as that may make it seem. I had been thinking about it for months, but I guess I have a commitment problem or something, because it just never went past the first post. Another thing about me, I have extremely random obsessions that come and pass. The reason I kept putting off starting a blog was because I was worried I wouldn't be able to stick to it. But then a brilliant idea came to me. What if I treated this blog as a record of my obsessions, and related them all back to my passions; fashion, art, and beauty. Hmm... well we'll see, this just might work.
I have a pretty good knowledge of fashion for someone my age, but I'm not suggesting anything special. I am, truthfully, just a girl who loves to dress up, read magazines, read books, write, draw fashion, and take pictures. I suppose the natural thing to do for someone who enjoys all of those things it to start a fashion blog. So here it is . Sorry if this entire thing sounds extremely pretentious, I am just extremely awkward (;

(But you special folks can call me Cordi)