Monday, April 26

lookbook/general assumptions about this blog

I have been browsing lookbook for the past couple weeks, and I am really enjoying what I see there. The photos are all very high quality and the outfits are tremendous. Not to mention all the people are gorgeous. I don't think I have seen one photo so far that looks like it took less than at least 30 minutes to plan out. I guess its the "photo twitter for the fashionably minded" because all the people on there seem to have this amazing sense of individuality and style. Unfortunately, me being the only humble, all-by-my-self, blog reading, fashion website stalking, outfit drooling person that lives in a 20 mile radius, I have no one to invite me. I would look up an invite code or something like that but I feel like if i do that its cheating... you know like if i wasn't invited then its not really fair for me to be there since I didn't really deserve it. (or maybe i'm just a wuss (: )
So I had to "apply'. To be honest I think that lookbook is even MORE exclusive than they let on. I mean, they must really handpick the people they want on there if all the photos are as beautiful as they are. There is not one crappy, cellphone camera picture of an aberzombie or some pathetic person who only wears juicy track suits.
I love this look by model Lina T. The hair and make up go so well with the outfit and background. Not to mention shes like gorgeousss.

So I guess the only thing left to do is wait and hope they will e-mail me. *fingers crossed*

ALRIGHT the second thing.
I have been contemplating the (three) posts I have made so far, and I realized that I need to clarify somethings. I also realize I have like zero readers or followers or whatever, so i'm essentially writing to myself, but I guess I'll just put my thoughts out there and people will come?? I mean I do this blog for my enjoyment, and to help me articulate my thoughts in type, like a diary of sorts. yeah. I digress.
I realized that fashion bloggers have to be pretty adamant about not being ultra personal in there posts and ALWAYS posting about fashion, which unfortunatley with my attention span will be next to impossible. I don't really want to invent these posts about fashion that don't really inspire me. SO I have decided that this shall be a blog about many things, though mainly focusing on fashion. It will be about photography, street style, art, beauty, fashion and fashion illustration. Like somedays I might post a photo I took for the purpose of being a cool photo and not nessecarily a fashion photo. Or I might post some of my fashion illustrations. You know, I mean essentially this is a fashion blog since that stuff is all fashion related, but it is more of a fashion culture blog. Not much of a change but I just wanted to clarify.

On a side-note,
What happened to Tavi? I was like super de duper sad when I tried to get on her blog and it said like "blog suspended, or under investigation for violation of rules" I would have thought tavi would have been the last person in the blogging world to accidentally violate a rule... *tears* I think we all agree when I say that we eagerly await her return. (:

I may do another post later this evening of a few of my illustrations or something just to add some cool photos up in here since I know I only had one this post.



  1. I am the very same!
    My blog is like my diary, as well.
    Anyway, I just saw your blog today, and liked what I saw c:
    So keep going! Good luck.

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~