Wednesday, April 28

I learned that from my sims family

I tried to set up a "photo studio" of sorts in my living room, so that I can take some pictures when my friend comes over on Friday. I just basically taped two white sheets to the wall and to the floor and then gathered all the lamps in my house and faced them towards the it. I find it laughable that I was naive enough to think it was that simple. Because then it got really messed up somy brother and I just decided to make a music video. (: We made the music video to the song Major Tom (Coming Home) By the Shiny Toy Guns. Which is a great song btw.
I got on this really cute dress I hadn't been able to make any use out of and Millie took some pics.

Dress is from LF Stores, Shoes are from H&M, MAC eyeliner smudge-pot, Sexy Curves Mascara, and Revlon lipstick

Yes I am in fact aware that photographing a red dress with a red background is not convenient, but I was a little pressed for time.
I love the dress because it reminds me of the english military. It would have gone really well with this sailor hat that my family has, but I couldn't find it! ):
Im pretty sure Alexander Wang did a military themed season once... though it probably was american military and not english military. (whose outfits are arguably cooler)


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