Friday, April 30

oh jeez, i'm hallucinating orange juice

Wow I forgot to post yesterday! Sorry but my day was pretty packed (With Socialization!) which is a rare occurrence for me. (:
So I shall present you with a post now to make up for it.

I think that dresses made out of food wrappers and candy wrappers and commercial items are just awsome. Some kids in the upper school made this dress out of twix wrappers for art night and it was sooo cool. It has been sitting in the cafeteria for days and of course the first time I actually get around to taking a picture of it for the blog it is no longer there. It was very well made though, and on art night they had this model walking around in it who fit in it perfectly. It reminded me of this dress made by Andy Warhol with his famous Campbell Soup panting tiled on it. Apparently in the 60's "disposable dresses" were really in fashion, so Warhol silkscreened some paper dresses with his design. I took a picture of the dress when I went to the "Elements of Style, Fashion and Form" exhibition at the Beinecke in New Haven.

Sorry about the reflection, they had it behind glass. (:

I think this will be a candy themed post! I apologize ahead of time for making you want insanely unreasonable amounts of sugar.

Here are some crappy pictures taken years ago with my mac camera in 6th grade (On Halloween). I will not name the people for the sake of privacy, but we had so much fun and hauled a crapload of candy. Excuse the feral nature of my face, I was very naiive. *shrugs*. I love halloween, ESPECIALLY the costumes.

And yes, I am wearing vanity contacts! I loved those, the had a bunch a white triangle in a star form surrounding my pupil. Unfortunately though, they have shriveled up after years of forgetting to replace the saline. I think I am going to buy some new pairs, except this time I'll probably just get them in normal colours like purple and gray. Oooh yeah, after my I get my Doc Martens, that will be my next babysitting payment. (:

Whoops. Way to get of topic. Hah. So anyway. Candy. Yes, CANDY the stuff that makes the world go 'round.
I had been wanting one of those purse clutch thing mad eout of interwoven candy wrappers for the longest time, but when my dad and I finally found a boutique in the city that sold good ones we discovered that they were way out of our price limit.
I searched online for hours and had pretty much lost all hope. So my dad took me to Barnes and Noble (We in the Diamond Family turn to books in times of stressful emotion) to cheer me up, and you can probably guess what we found! A really cute little makeup case (at least thats what I use it for) made out of candy wrappers!

Again, it's school so I don't have my DSLR with me but I hope this crappy Photobooth picture will suffice.

Excuse my un-attractiveness, the lighting of a study hall room does not do me any favors.

This is my favourite candy in the ENTIRE world. It is an english candy so you can only get it in specialty stores for 10 times the actual price. I just have my Grandma send me over boxes of it (; I think after I finish sewing my floral skirt, I will start a candy wrapper dress using flakes wrappers.


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