Monday, April 26

just some eye candy for your nightime snack (:

hello comrades!
I said I would post some pikx for you to contemplate, and here they are:

This is an illustration I did while I was in the city. It was inspired by watching the movie "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" and the idea of the powerful, feminine, working girl.

PSHH yeah right. I quess now when I think of it it reminds me of that, but when I drew it the words that were going through my head were more similar to;
"dudddddeeeee what if someone made like a reallyyy long skirt out of floral fabric that was tightish at the top??? That would be awsomeee."

haha I don't actually think in skater talk. At least I totally hope so, man.
*clears throat*
I mean, at least I hope so.

Anyway the other photo:

Just a little picture I took a while ago while I was with my friend. It is a close-up of her very awesome perfume sample collection. I love perfume samples. They are so cute and tiny and miniature and CUTEEE. Oh and the smell good.
most of the time.

Hope you enjoyed!

ps. sorry about the crappyness of the illustration, I had to take a photo of it using my camera since I am dysfunctional when it comes to scanners. hopefully I shall learn and so then all the drawings and magazine clips I put on here in the future will be of better quality.

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