Tuesday, April 27

on dad dressing and 50's men

Yesterday I was randomly inspired to dress like a working man from the 50's, after I saw my friend Ali weating her dad's oversize sweater. I have always loved oversize sweaters, but it really hard to find a good one since nobody wants to make GIANT baggy clothing all the time, because the girls who like to wear skin tight tank tops that show their belly button (the majority of the girl population) will never buy them. So naturally, the only viable solution was to raid my big ol' papa's closet and wear one of his sweaters. I spent like an hour in his closet trying on various sweaters until I found the perfect one. I paired it with these costume glasses I got from party city, some oxfords from LF, some brownish knee high socks, and a school skirt and voila! I had myself a dress code friendly, dad sweater, 50's business man style outfit! (;

Apologies for the crap photos, I had to take them using photobooth because I'm at school and I don't have my camera with me.
Also since you couldn't really see the full outfit clearly in the photobooth quality, I had to take several, of each element of the outfit.

I just love dressing in the weird ways I do, but when your as fashionably "aware" as we bloggers (well I can't really refer to myself as part of the "bloggers" hemisphere yet without feeling like a poser) and general cool people are, you get a lot of criticism.
It's like a constant flow of shocked looks, appalled stares and "Why are you wearing that??" questions.
Like today in my french class, this kid was like "Why are you wearing such weird clothing?" I'm just like, Come ON man, it's a goddamn oversize sweater not a pure gold scuba diving suit or something (although that would be pretty awesome if it were possible). Usually when people say things like that I just ignore them, or I say something like, Why not?

I think I will write a post of comebacks to say when someone questions your fashion sense. I hope that when I write it it will be helpful to you awesome people out there who dress how they want, no matter how weird.



  1. i love your sense of style, cordi! it`s so unique, and i would NEVER dare question it. that and i don1t really want to know what would happen to me if i did......