Wednesday, April 28

liz, are you wearing a cup?

Two days ago I was looking through some old jewelry boxes that my mom got when my grandmother passed away. I found all these beautiful vintage pieces and I decided to take some pictures of them for this here blog. (: Hope you enjoyy.

These pictures are of a charm bracelet my mom got when she was born. It has engraving on some of the charms that say Amy, her birthdate ecetera. I love the little torah charm, it has tiny little hebrew inscriptions in it and the teapot actually opens! So cute. I think I am going to have to find a charm bracelet like that. I used to have a juicy one which (although I think juicy is extremely superficial) was so cute. I love the charms they have for them.

I remember when they were "all the rage" in 6th grade. Everybody had one and we would all try to out "charm" each-other. I think there is only one girl left now in 8th that actually still has hers. I will try and get her to let me take a picture of it with my iphone so I can post it for you guys, she has some really cool charms.

I love the pearl necklace with the clasp shaped like a dragon. It is the coolest thing, it's got rubies for it's eyes. I think it must have been my grandmother's because I never see my mom wearing it.

Oh and by the way, in case you were wondering about the title of this post, it is a HIGHlariourious quote from a recent episode of 30 rock.

30 rock= Love


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