Sunday, April 25

sofas are the invention of god.

So, the other day I was looking through a PAPER magazine I had bought at Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago, and I saw this gorgeous picture;

and I was like hollllyyy frenchh toasstt this looks, SO similar to these photos I took of my friend when we were in her house.

(Wearing: Vintage Michael Kors top, her own skirt, and eye glitter)

I guess I have just always been attracted to these gorgeous, old style sofas (or couches) with beautiful fabric with all these really intricate designs on them. I always get so jealous when I go to my friend's house and see their really beautiful furniture and then go back to my house and see this big poo coloured blob that is our couch.

I mean, there is just something about intricate sofas that can give this antiquey, vintage feeling to any photograph. I think its some whole new level of mixing beautiful fabrics with comfortability, and a symbol that represents home. I think for my next photoshoot I will have to find somewhere with an old timey couch.

This photo by Dominique Isserman (from the January 2010 issue of Vogue Paris) reminds me so much of Versialles.

I remember when I went there everything was adorned with intricate designs in gold leaf, and these crazy awesome fabrics covered all the furniture.

Hmm.. I wonder if I took some sofa fabric and made it into a dress...
that may be really really awesome if I ever get around to doing it. I will most definitley let you guys know.

And that wraps up this post
sorry that it was extraneously boring (:

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