Saturday, April 24

pink cadillacs and princess dresses

A few weeks ago my Dad asked me if I wanted to help man the make-up station at the father daughter ball. Our library hosts a father daughter ball every year, and it is always princess themed, and these adorable kids ages 1-9 come in the cute little dresses. My dad dragged me to it last year (I was 13), not realizing the age range... but I loved how all the helpers were wearing these beautiful rented costumes from the 1800's, renaissance, medieval times and whatnot.

So anyway this year I was asked to help do make-up for the little girls (there was a make-up station as one of the activities). I got really overexcited, as I always do, and rented this gorgeous vintage Gunne Sax dress. It is modeled after Southern Belle style, with light colours, lace, and general accentuation of femininity. (This is the same kind-of theme that comes to mind when I look at the Ralph Lauren dress from his 2010 spring collection above)
I put a hoop under it because I've wanted to wear one since I saw Pocahontas 2 when I was like 4 (I think I actually made a squealish noise when I found it). It looked awesome so after excessive puppy dog eyes, and chore bribing my mom agreed to rent it to. Then we went to this new restaurant next door to the costume place and I had possibly the best french toast in the universe. IT WAS GODLY. It deserves to have an entire religion built around it. (Or at least an underwater restaurant where sponges work and hide a super secret recipe)
Anyway, I digress.
I actually had to leave the hoop behind (but not before taking some tres cool photos) because I had this moment of logical thinking where I was like; Hmm... This hoop is rather large, I may knock small children over and swallow them in my dress if I wear this around...

I've never really been a big jewellery person but I have definetly gotten more into necklaces latley. The other day I was in the city with my Grandmum and we went into Macys (you know the hugeee-asss one across from forever 21) I think it's a block big or something.
So anywayy, I found this really really superawesomecool necklace that reminded me so much of alice in wonderland:
I've been wearing it with practically everything, It actually tells the time so its pretty useful. Now if I get stuck in a really awkward situation I can just look at it and yell "Im late, I'm late, for a very important date!" and hop away.
Of course, when I got to the ball all the other make-up girls where in all black casual clothes with aprons. I was embarrassed, but I was quickly made to feel better when a flock of five year olds grabbed at my dress fringe, and started yelling "Look Daddy, It's Alice! It's Alice in Wonderland!!"
I guess I actually did look like alice in wonderland, except the red hair. I was actually thinking it would have been convenient if I left my hair blonde until after the ball... but whats done is done (;
This Mary-Kay rep who lived in the area donated all the make-up and it was really weird, because she basically had like a million these tiny sheets of paper with a tinsy bit of eyeshadow on them. I guess its about germs or something, but I thought it was ridiculous. She probably just wanted to save all the actual make-up so she could sell it and get that pink Cadillac.

I still find pink cars for middle aged women very amusing. Not that there's anything wrong with pink. There is this mother who has a kid in the upper school at my school, and she has this pink convertible mini with a vanity license plate that says "Lolli" on it. I always find that so amusing, and even more so the look that her son's face gets whenever he see's her pulling up is priceless. But then I again I don't expect anything less from the preppy, Westport, private school moms that troll the Nordstroms and Saks of the world. (not that theres anything wrong with Nordstroms and Saks)

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