Monday, May 3

I'm Harry Potter.

Hey there!
Sorry that I haven't posted all weekend. I have been busy, again, with sociability training. (GASP!)
On saturday I went over to my friend Ali's house and we bought oodles of spraypaint to use on her garden playhouse. We had to many colours to handle so she invited Moncho over to help. We stripped all the furniture from the house and hooked up her radio so it was blaring classic rock all over the yard and then had ninja spray paint wars. The fumes must have gotten to my head because I can't remember but apparently I wrote "I AM HARRY POTTER" on the ceiling.

It was a very very awesome day, and so you can see, I have a pretty good excuse for not posting. (:
Sorry that this is so short, it's late and i'm tiredd.
Maybe I will come back an add on to this tomorrow.



Here are some more photos from my spray paint photoshoot with Ali and Moncho. I really wanted the whole thing to have a bright, surreal land of colour feeling, with vibrant images and whatnot.
enjoy (;

I wish I had taken my Pop Art camera with me, it would have been perfect for this shoot. unfortunately though it doesn't have a flash so I wouldn't have been able to take the photos in the playhouse.

I got this camera for 20 bucks in the gift shop of the National Gallery in Washington D.C, along with a mini watercolour set, cute little camera shaped photo album, and a book of Paris Vogue covers from the past 70 years.
I will maybe scan some of the covers for you wondrous beings later.

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