Friday, May 28

khaki everywhere

The costumes are really starting to come together for Othello. The whole play is taking place beetween military men and there wives so were doing a more modern army theme so there is lots khaki in discussion. I'm not much for khaki myself.. I think that is a horrible colour for light skin tones. It does look okay on darker skin tones though. I think I would go crazy if I ever wore a khaki safari shirt because I would constantly be reminding myself if jurrasic park. They all have these ridiculous khaki shirt-tucked into odd pants-binoculars-safari hat outfits that kindof make me laugh. It is hard to be scared of a man-eating dinosaur when the man it's eating looks like he just stepped out of a badly clothed group of British safari goers. OH WAIT. he DID.

But anyway the costumes are great, even though khaki isn't as much. One of our main actors just dropped out all of a sudden so we just had to start taking measurement of the replacement. Thankfully they were around the same size because otherwise we would have had to shop desdemona all over again.

There are a few really cute things from topshop that we got for Emilia and desdemona, including a cute white double breasted jacket that was really mod-looking. Lux (costume assistant) found the perfect boots for Bianca from Steve Madden and she haggled the price to practically half the original. Here is a really crappy iPhone picture of said boots on Alexa (the girl who is playing Bianca)

and here is one of the costume rack (person standing in front is Tilly)

Oh and here are some craptastic iPhone pictures from Wednesday when we went to kuafmanns (army surplus store). It was a space only slightly bigger than my room and they had all this amazing military garb from all over the world//different time periods just stacked up to the ceilings. The staff was really helpful and we found these kick-ass combat boots that we will probably have the men wearing.

Oh and I also found a really creepy gas mask just like, sitting there so I took a picture...

I feel like I could do something really artsy with the gas mask but I can't quite visualize it...

Tommorow I get to do returns! YAY. (<~ sarcasm) I have to lug like 7 huge ass coat all the way to anthropologie and then take all this other stuffs to various other stores and demand money back. If I see anything cool I'll take a picture for you guys.


Ps. Picture of awesome bun//lump//mound thing I did with my hair yesterday:

and yes, my ear is naturally like that. I guess it got messed up in my birth or something. *shrugs*

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