Monday, May 10

passion pit and all else holy

I am still listening to Hercules on repeat, and since (as we all know) that is not very beneficial to my health, I have decided to spice it up.

I will now change my soundtrack to a slightly less disturbing song; Little Secrets by Passion Pit. This is a rather fantastic song if I do say so myself, so listen to it if you have nothing else to do (or even if you have something you should be doing!)I love the electro synthyness in this song and the high note of his voice provides a new feeling to the song. I don't really know shiz about music but I know enough to realize this song is comparable to orange juice (in other words- GOD) and that it should be worshipped.
Here is the music video;

Okay i'm sorry but the woman in the video's glasses are SICK. If I needed glasses I would wear ones exactly like those, oh and her dress//jacket//trench coat is pretty awesome too, except yellow looks horrid on me, so unfortunatley if I ever tried to wear a recreation of this outfit, it would most likely = EPIC FAILURE

I put together a mix board (on polyvore) of the elements of this outfit.

Tights from American Apparel, Jacket from, Shoes by AmiClubWear, Gloves from, Vintage Sunglasses from

Sorry for the shortishness of this posticle, It was originally a SRFPP (Side Rant From Previous Post) so It is not as long as my usuals. As you can tell (if you read my last post) this is not at all related the previous posts theme and that is why I seperated it. Oh and also my ranty-ness had caused the previous post to be EXTRANEOUSLY long.


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