Friday, May 7

Doc. Marten will make you feel betterr

I ordered my Doc Martens a week ago, and they just came yesterday! they are prettyy baller. I got the 8 eyelet ones because those are the LEGIT ones.

I decided on the ones with the union jack on the toe over the floral ones (paying homage to my birth country). I guess I just thought they would go with more stuff. (Oh and they are also GODLY)

I just love Docs, their the perfect embodiement of 90's grunge culture. My dad was telling me about how in England, before Doc Martens became "the thing" that all the people in the know were wearing, they were the staple footwear for the skinheads (Punk rockers, bullies, shaved their heads, hence the name) of London. My dad said that when he was young they were terrifying, you would hear the squeak of a Doc Marten behind you and you would just tail it.

They went out of fashion in the early 00's but then people like Agyness Deyn and Daisy Lowe really brought them back.

I love how on the bottom they say "impervious to corrosive chemicals" like its some intense shoe.
well actually,
It kindof is.
I bet the wear them in the nuclear power plants.

Please enjoy these photos (mostly from lookbook) of the all mighty docs.

This next one is from a 2006 issue of Vogue Italia (Italy)

You cant really see them but those are the 15 eyelets (At least I think its 15)

This next one is from a Nylon Article

Yesterday, I had to go to this Shakespeare on the Sound thing in Greenwich so me and the other apprentices could hand out flyers and whatnot. I wore my Doc's with this giant blue cargo shirt I got from salvation army, and while we were sitting in Starbucks this punk punk punk girl (Purportedly from Greenwich high, according to Olivia) came in in with her punk punk punk boyfriend, and she was wearing docs! It was such a coincidence considering just hours before I was reading about docs and how they are part of the punk culture in my book "Fifty Shoes That Changed The World". I was really tempted to go up to her and ask to take her photo for my blog but Olivia warned me against it (apparently she is "highly frightening". so I just contented my self to staring at her like the creeper pepper that I am. (:



(cheesy I know, but it is necessary *shrugs*)

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