Sunday, May 9

been there, done that

Hmmm.. I've been thinking about doing a trapeze//circus//carnival themed post for a while now and I believe now may be the approriate time. now being 11 o'clock at night after not being able to get to sleep because of nightmares of a multiple headed dragon coming to get me. (this is what happens when you listen to the Disney Hercules soundtrack on repeat, people)

So I will upload the photos that go with this little old post tommorow when I probably should be doing other things. I would do that now, but I just detoxed my iPhone of all media because it was full, and I therefore do not have my pictures readily a available from the carnival I attended friday, among others (:.

I also have some rather debilatatingly hilarious stories from this weekend that I will write at a more sane hour. I hereby leave this as filler so I can do two posts tmmrw without feeling like an overeager lunatic. (:

-yours wearily

(again, cheap shot, but what can I say?)
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Wow okay now on to the trapezing//circus//carnival post promised earlier.
I don t reeally have that much fashion that I can find that relates to this theme, besides Britney Spears "Circus" perfume, which is pretty cool, but not really my kind of scent.

There was this really cool illustration of it in Nylon a few months back.. I will try to find that and scan it for you guys when I get home later. (:

I have a few circus//carnival//trapezing related illustrations that I shall also scan later. But for now I have a few collective photos on the theme. And yes, that noob in the red shirt (Urban Outfitters Btw) is indeed moi.

I tried trapezing, and I absolutely LOVE IT. I have gone a few times, but i'm hoping to go some more times so I can get to the advanced tricks. It is just so much fun and the entire staff at the place we go to are awesome.

Here are some cool inspiration photos on the theme;
I found the majority of these on trendhunter, and I will try to credit individual sources when I can. (:

Photos above by Lepasta DeCaro

Photo above from Elle Magazine November 2009
Photo above from Flickr
Photos From Grazia Magazine 2009

Photo above from Elle Magazine 2009

Above two photos by Grego Trevino

The three above by Ali Sharaf

Here is a trapeze inspired illustration I did

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