Thursday, May 6

365 days of LBD

I was surfing aol recently (as I am oft to do). And I found this really really inspirational story about a woman who wore the same LBD for an entire year to help send kids to school in india. She obviously has really great fashion sense because she accessorizes the dress with all these great vintage pieces, and not a single day looks the same.
Very, very inspirational.
I think I should do something like that. I feel like since I skimped on my Batmitzvah project I kindof have an IOU to poverty..
but also i'm just that nice (;
(semi-sarcasm people)

Uniform Project Picture Book from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

leave me your thoughts. (:
(well, i don't think anyone actually reads this blog, but if you do;
SPEAK my young ones SPEAK)

Bit creepy right up in there ^.

So any wayyyyy. Here is a really hilarious//catchy//nostalgia inducing commercial from the 60's.
Kindof irrelevant but here it is
(Turn your sound up)

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