Thursday, May 13


Alexander McQueen was and still is, even after his death, one of the most influential and groundbreaking designers of the century. Whenever I find myself in a dull moment in class, I subconsciously start sketching his famous armadillo shoes. I did these sketches the day after he died (in math class).

(I will add this picture later when I have access to le camera)

Hopefully the McQueen house will continue to exhibit the trademark creativity and daring that they are so well known for. Here are some of the highlights of Alexander McQueen's designs through the years.

(The first two are of th famous armadillo shoes)

Th shoes above are also a rather famous design of McQueen's the "Titanic Ballerina" shoes.

I Know that this Memorial//Tribute is extremely late but unfortunately this little bloggy blog was not around when he died. ):

Hope you enjoyed this post! (;


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