Saturday, May 15

maxi maxi

I have suddenly gotten really into maxi skirts and maxi dresses. I just love floor length things except I can never wear them because they look to mature for me and I can never find a top to go with them. I am in NYC today and I will be desperately searching for a nice tank top or crop top or something to wear with a floor length skirt..

Oh and I also need a floor length skirt.
Hah. I've mostly just been borrowing my mum's skirts and she really only has mid-calfs because she doesn't like floor length.

We might stop in urban outfitters later but I'm not sure if they have maxi skirts.

Oh! And a few hours ago is I stopped in a Hudson News while in Grand Central and they had this fantastic international fashion section where I picked up a Dazed & Confused. I have never read a dazed and Confused but a lot of bloggers talk about it so I figured I should check it out. I've onl had time to flip through it (I'm at a Shakespeare on the sound rehearsal//meeting)
The issue that they had was titled "the naked truth" so I'm not sure how many photos will be going up here (NUDITTYYYY--OMG) but I will put up the ones I can latahh. (: I will also post a picture of my outfit for the city//shakepeare meeting
It beez pretty chill :3

Update this postie post later!
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