Tuesday, May 11

a clockwork orange

I read A Clockwork Orange a few months ago and it still haunts me. It was beautifully written, though I have to say it took a little getting used to for me in the beginning. The language is a very complex mix of Russian, Shakespearean english, and ghetto slang. However after I read a few chapters I started to recognize the words with a russian base which is good because I actually know a little Russian now (making my russian ancestors proud :P). I'm not going to lie,
This book was INSANELY creepy and disturbing. I would tell you all about it but then that would ruin it for you when you decide to read it (WHICH YOU WILL). I heard the movie is even creepier, but I haven't seen the whole thing, only clips.

This next one was supposed to be my own rather lame reproduction of the photo above ^ (taken by flick in study hall)

And here is a photo from my book of Vogue Paris covers that I found that was just pulsing with a highly clockwork like vibe.
(Photo: Helmut Newson for Paris Vogue 1978)

I had to photoshop some clothing items on those two girls that are being used as footstools in the picture above, because they were unfortunatley in the nude. Lets keep it Pg-13 people! (this picture is from the movie)

I remembered that back over spring break I was reading a fashion editorial that was done in the theme of A Clockwork Orange, but I couldn't remember what magazine it was in. I was 100 percent sure it was from Nylon so I spent like 3 hours looking through my Nylon archives from around that time. Turns out it was actually in a magazine called Clear which is a really awesome magazine that I bought once in an an airport and then I could never find it again (I'm too lazy to order it online). So I have few photos of the spread that I took with my SLR but they are kindof crap because of the light reflection and shadow and brightness and AHH I NEED TO GET MY BUTT TO SCANNER SCHOOL.

Heres an illustration a did a WHILEWHILEWHILE ago of the pictuh above (its not very good but all is well)

I spent a panicked three hours trying to figure out an outfit for this dance my school is having. They say it is "semi-formal". I hate when people say "semi-formal", what does it mean? Dresses, shirts and jeans? I cant be semi- formal. Can I be full formal? Yes. Can I be casual? Yes. Can I be dressy? Yes. But semi-formal?? Wtf does that mean?

anyway so apologies for that little side rant but the bottom line is that after nearly a half hour of coaching over the phone from Ali, I finally decide on this outfit that
was really similar to the outfit in the CLEAR Magazine clockwork orange spread.

It must have been in my subconscious or something...

Vintage Blazer. American Apparel Leggings. Shoes from H&M. Hat from Mom's Closet.

This isn't my usual style but since I had hit an outfit roadblock I figured I might as well try it!

(oh and btw my hair look really gross in those pictures for some reason, but it isnt I swear! *nods head eagerly*)


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