Wednesday, May 19

my sixth sense

Hmm so you know how a few days ago, I found a little purse with the union jack in sequins on it in my moms closet? Yes? Well I of course started using it, because it is, well, AWESOME.
(example: in this outfit that I wore to the city that I promised I would post a while ago)

I look sortof murderous//superugly in these photos but iz all good.
So anyway, I went into a hudson news and bought a bunch of foreign magazines and yadayadayada. BUTTT I was looking through this french magazine called Please! (with the exclamation point) and I saw an alexander wang purse that looked ALMOST IDENTICAL to my childhood sequin purse thing that I found in my moms closet I must have some sort of sixth sense to subconsciously catch on to trends before I know them. (:

I think I told you about the outfit I wore but I don't think I told you about the AWESOME LIPS COUCH!
My family and I stopped in the Oyster Bar in Grand Central to grab some dinner, and it was this really homely wood paneled, ships in bottles kindof place that looked like it had a lot of history. SO then I get up to go to the bathroom and I walk through this thick musty old door with a stuffed fish hanging over it, and emerge into.. a SUPERSUPER modern bathroom with a Lip Couch! I was so entertained y it I just sat there for ten minutes making gurgles while I drooled. So of course I had to get my mom to come in and take a picture of me on it! It reminded me of Prada's famous lip print.

Sorry You cant really see the print in the runway photo, but the photo was from 2000 so he digital camera quality was.. eehhh
Prada Spring 2000 RTW


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