Friday, May 21

apologies to my meerkat family

Hey guys! I know that only a few people read this blog, several of which just to hate on it, but I must give you guys this message that I have sadly brought it upon myself to give. (?whatttt?)

Finals are coming.

(^depressed person^)
Yes the dreaded finals.. Review week starts on Monday and goes through till Friday and we have finals on the Tues, Wednesday, and Thursday the week after that.
So as much as I love this blog I think that for the next two weeks I will have to limit myself to 3 posts a week. ): I know, I know, you'll miss me. (or not) but I promise to make the 6 posts from the next two weeks awesome (I hope).

I need to concentrate supah hard because I really want to do well. So sorry guys! But I'm not gone forever!

I'm starting to actually do some work on the costumes for shakespeare on the sound today, so that is pretty exciting. Tilly (the costume designer) and I are going shopping for shoes today. (: I don't know where we are going but I will add some photos of the shoes//places from my iPhone. Hopefully we wont get lost because she just moved here from England and has no idea how to navigate NY and I only have limited knowledge... so we'll see! (EDIT on the 1st of June: It turns out it is I who has zero knowledge, as has been evidenced by my past fews days at Shakespeare (; Tilly is beast, she knows her way around *runs off to find bathroom using google maps Ozzy Osbourne style* )

I'm not sure what theme or time period we are going with for the costumes but our director (Joanna) has some very strong opinions about it. Apparently according to the SOTS (Shakespeare on the sound) veterans the costumes last year turned out to be a disaster. They said that when Joanna fired the costume designer last year (different one then this year) she actually made her cry... but hey guys a good director needs to lay down the law if she wants to get things done.

eek.. scary!

So yeah I know I always say this but, I'll update this post later!

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