Wednesday, May 5

I feel so inspirational

I think have inspired a "Blog Movement" in my school! (:
All my friends are making blogs now. I helped Helen make hers and I think my friend flick wants to start one too! I will keep you guys updated. It is always exciting when I new blogger is birthed by this glorious age of technology. *wink wink*

I will post the names of the blogs that have been fully established. - General Life Blog, about her passion (Montana) - About Music, Hating school, and ecetera

So anyway on to the real post.

Here's a little illustration I did a while back, it is kind of a little summary of my inspiration for the summer. I'm thinking lots of flowy thin cottony layers//roses//teal and turquiose colored things//elegant buns//out of place accesories//and that feeling you get after you accomplish something that scared you

here is my mood board of images;

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 RTW

Marc Jacobs Lola Campaign Ad
Chanel Spring 2010 RTW

each caption is to the image above btw

I will add some more moodboard pics later when I have access to my magazines and books. (:

- Cordi

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