Tuesday, June 1

whats up with the pants?


*continues walking*

Yup, thats pretty much my automatic response to questions about my outfits. We had a part of finals today (English and French) so it was free dress and I wore a (in my opinion) supercute outfit (;. but unforunatley the SIZEOFMYJEANS-

holy sheez they aren't glued to your legs!? I cant see the outline of your underwear?!? Their your DAD'S?????????!?!?!?!?!?!?

-"offended" some people. You'd think after at least three years of knowing that I dress however I like no matter how many times they tell me I look weird, they'd stop telling me I look weird..
well I guess you don't need instinctual logic to get into private school after all...

Maybe they had a SUDDENWAVEOFSMARTENESS-KUNG-FU-ACTION-JESUS moment after having all the blood that was normally in their legs squeezed by the denim-deathtraps-of-the-leg-variety up to their brains! Its probable.

But anyway I wore this outfit:

which I said I would wear a few posts ago after being inspired by my (errr...?) boss? mentor? Sifu? master? senpai? (whatever she is), Tilly.

been reading my posts eh? been up to date? eh? well? cause I mentioned it. yep I did indeed mention it.

Here are the ingredients to this (¿apparently confusing?) outfit -> ByCorpus floral tank thing from UO (Urban Outfitters), Lace crop top is reworked 80's vintage, belt is mum's, jeans are dad's and shoes are Kimichi Blue from UO. My watch necklace has been an ANAPHORA (<-- english literary term right there) on this here blog so you are probably aware that it is from MACY'S. But if not it is from MACY'S. Oh and more recently; A TRAY FULL OF FOOD/CRANBERRY JUICE. Someone tripped while they were going to sit down and accidentally (or was it) dropped there tray on me. I was super pissed and whatnot, SINCE CRANBERRY JUICE STAINS. But it was less at the person than the actual fact that I HAD FREAKING CRANBERRY JUICE ON MY NEW OUTFIT.

Well anyway I cleaned myself up and thankfully it didn't stain... but apparently SOME PEOPLE thought my reaction was humorous. Well i'm glad that even though I had to sit in cranberry juice during a two hour exam and have cranberry juice squelching in my new shoes whenever I walked, someone was able to extract humor from my misfortune. CONGRATS.

But anyway, it dried, and I hold no grudges. (:
just DONT EVER do it again.

Moving on;

here be some detail shots--

Oh and by the way the title is indeed an actual question a kid asked me during the french exam.

If you're going to ask stupid questions during an exam, you might as well ask them about the actual exam. I'm pretty sure the reasons behind my pants is far less important than- OH CRAP I FORGOT HOW TO CONJUGATE METTRE.

Just a little bit of wisdom for you!

Good luck to those of the blankityblankprivacy clan who are reading this-- on our Gov exam tomorrow!


  1. it was an accident
    sorry for tripping
    and the tray flipped it fell on the ground

  2. yes, I acknowledge this. Did you read the post? all is forgiven. Go back to being amused. (:

  3. nahhh, I think the bitch who spilled it on me should.
    but thanks for the advice you whore.