Wednesday, June 30

triangle pants, triangle pants

I have been working super hard this past week and lack of iphone = not very many posts.
): We just made the move from Yawnroot* to Chewhegrin* so I had to spend an entire day packing up all the racks and costumes and various other clutter particles and lugging them into rocco's car. But last night Ali came over and we had an awesome photoshoot, so I will post some of those pics for you now (:

argghh! sorry about the miniscule amount of text and the large amount of photos! I just love them all too much to pick only a few.

I have to go now (iron some shirts, YEAH!), but I will update this post later and/or write another more intellectual one.

Ps. Still working on getting my comic stream off the ground, nothing new yet, but I will keep ya updated.

*names have been messed up purposefully for the sake of privacy.



  1. these are soo cute!! did you edit them on the computer or is that a setting on your camera? im trying to firgure it out on my d300 and i can make the colors and such brighter but i love that muted but colorful editing.
    it was fun to try and figure out the towns too, like a scramble puzzle.
    xx helen

  2. (: I'm glad you enjoyed the town scrambelage
    I just edited them on my computer to look like tha, but there are certain setting you could try on the d300 that would make a similar effect!