Saturday, June 5

cordelia likes... pulling out your phone and pretending to talk to someone in awkward situations

Hehe. So yeah.. The title of this post is a "page" that I liked on facebook last night after a series of rather embarrasing circumstances..

It kind of reminded me about what Ali said the other day about how she had all these funny thoughts and things she would have in her head and thought they were really original and then she would see them as a page on facebook. I actually think that might be a page on facebook too...

Well anyway one if those facebook pages (the one that is the title of this post^^) was especially applicable to *yours truly* yesterday. I was standing outside TISCH on broadway yesterday waiting for Lux to come and meet me. While I was there I decided to take done pictures of the rather awesome costumes that were in the window (tisch is an theatre arts uni)

These pictures actually:

And I realized I was getting some really weird stares so I pretended to be talking on my phone. Unfortunatley the first person I could think of to pretend to talk to was Lux.. And guess who showed up at exactly that moment? Yeah..
Believe me when I tell you that no words were needed..


So I did some returns, grabbed a drink, went into the prada store, got lost on the subway and--

Did I just hear (see) myself say (type) prada store?!?

I sure did!

I went into the rather large prada showcase building (it was less of a store than a sculpture)

I'm pretty sure I wasn't allowed to take photos but I used my "whaaaaat? Photographs? Psh! I'm texting someone. With my phone pointed towards your display.... Making a shutter noise"
Tactic and I got a few snaps of the initial display.

Yeah so that's the really cool display they had in the middle of the store, then they had something close to shopping racks on the lower level. It was in some cool minimalist//futuristic style and I took a few sh-naps of some of the peices that I especially loved.

I love the lace detail on this ^
Soo pretty <3

You can't really tell the shape of this in this picture but it was a really cool tank top with insane crystal textures hanging off the bottom. Here is a close up of it:

How awesome is that?!?

Whine whine why is prada so expensiveee

Here are some more:

The above photo is a t-shirt with one of the photos from the prada 2010 spring RTW show. It has been embellihed with crystals (again) thread for hair and a sticky out plastic handbag. I swear to god this my be the godliest graphic t-shirt ever made. Here are some deets shots along with a picture of another one of the runway photo-turned-graphic-tee t-shirts.

Hey guys just a little interuption! This is an unfinished post that I have to publish now because BlogPress is being annoying. I will finish it on my computer when I get home.

And continuation of this post startss:



And next are some pictures I took of some pretty awesome prints I saw

I don't even think a Nikon SLR picture could accurately portray the intensity of the red in the dress above. It was so beautiful I wanted to sheild my eyes.

This bag is a little OTT but I somehow adore it. Here is a close up of the label.

Textures once again!
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