Thursday, June 3

artificial hair

yep, I re-dyed my hair and I acknowledge that it looks kind of artificial. Thats what happens when you dye your hair red, honey. It will fade into a more natural looking colour soon, but the point of dying it that unnatural colour was so that when it fades it will be brighter. If I died it exactly the intensity of colour I actually wanted it, it would fade into something two shades lighter after three showers. Speaking of artificial hair...

I hate to be one of those people who just re-posts the images other bloggers blogged about, but it is unavoidable since it seems the whole entire blogosphere is buzzing about this photoshoot that was in a recent issue of PoP. Here is the picture that really stood out at me:

I am completely obsessed with pastel coloured hair. (I think I mentioned this earlier?) and this picture is like, the perfect reincarnation image of the idea I had for my hair for months.

So today, after seeing the picture, I decided to get a move on it and went to Sally's Beauty and bought some 40 volt bleach and turquoise hair dye. I am going to dye a strip of it from behind my ear totally turquoise, but it will fade after a few washes to a nice pastel-ly teal. (:

I don't want it to be too obvious or "out there"-ish so i'm sticking to the lower layers of my hair. (:

I am going to wait till after graduation to do it, so expect pictures in about a week or so!

here are some mood photos:

The ever-present beta fish emerges again! And he brings My Little Pony with him to the image reel!

Exams are over everyone! Enjoy the summer! (;


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