Tuesday, June 22

scott pilgrim, you are my new coloured bacon jesus

Ahh yess, this ridiculous "hipster" has finally caught on to the scott pilgrim comics.
a.k.a the most indie and awesome comics ever created by anyone. I heard about them from Lux, and I checked them out on my computer and then, one new totally illegal application that does illegal things, rar. files, limewire, bit torrent, and 6 hours later I had read all of them. At this point the birds started tweeting and I was too amazed and tired to even move my eye muscles towards the clock. It must have been like 5am or something.
At first I was like ehhh.. the cover looks rather testy... hmmm

But I tell no lie when I say that these babies rocked my world.
If you imaginary readers want to read them just e-mail me and I can send you them, it would be rather difficult to download them all in rar. and whatnot. But me being the technicalpiratehackergenius that I am, I did it for you. There are 5 volumes and the sixth is coming out on July 20th!
There is also a movie adaption starring Michael Cera (<3) that is coming out in august.
(click fullscreen, its tiny here)

And to bring this to a fashion related note, the costumes look positivley awesome. Can't wait to see it.

But anyway the comic and Brian's (the writer/artist) story really inspired me. I have kindof just been lazing around and I wont really have much to do during the days since my job is nighttimes so I have decided to start a comic stream thing of my life. I will create a seperate blog and everyday I will post little oneshot cartoons about what happens in my weird-ass life. I don't know where it is going or whether I might try to make an actual story with a plot and everything or just stick with my random life experiences..
It's just a cool fun new thing I want to do so sheck it out if you want! I will keep you updated on when the blog will be up, I already finished several of the comics. (;

Unfortunatley I am going to be able to do less on-the-go posting because I dropped my iPhone into the ocean accidentally. And I dont mean walking along the beacg ocean, I mean in the middle of the sea on a boat ocean. Long story. I have a crappy prepaid samsung replacement phone and I will be eagerly awaitint the purchase/arrival of my new phone (iPhone 4). <3

Al I know is that it's raining out and that makes me happy, especially since it caused shakespeare to close early so I can finally get some sleep early. Although I may wake up with a cold from biking home in the storm...
Rain Storm

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